Evaluating the overall vulnerability of 43 ravines of Valparaiso. Multidimensional perspective

Researchers Sustainable risk mitigation: Andrea Pino, Roberto Moris. Investigador Vulnerability and risk assessment of physical and social systems: Matías Hube External researcher: Manuela Penas. The project is part of the PAI-CONICYT 7914003, UTFSM research. Sustainable urban strategies post-disaster intervention. Urban Plan and Sectional comprehensive proposal for the ravines of Valparaiso. The multidimensional (economic, social, physical and perceptual) characterization of 43 streams […]

Línea de Investigación 3: Evaluación de vulnerabilidad y riesgo de sistemas físicos y sociales

Comparative analysis of the impact of civil works and urban changes as mitigation tsunamis tools in the city of Iquique

Researchers Sustainable risk mitigation: Jorge León. Research Surface water processes and associated natural hazards: Rafael Aránguiz Taking as a case study the city of Iquique, the project seeks to compare the potential impact of two types of strategies to mitigate the effects of near-field tsunamis. On the one hand, large engineering works such as dams, coastal submarine walls […]

Línea de Investigación 2: Procesos de aguas super ciales y amenazas naturales asociadas